iPad Control Drone


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January 28, 2011

This drone is controlled with an iPad or iPod Touch. How it works is the main display on the iPad will show a live feed of the camera on the drone. To fly the drone you need to tilt the iPad to control the tilt of the drone. The right thumb has control of rotations and altitude. Our Robotics class is planning on using the hardware and technology used in this drone to make a new iPad controlled robot. The first step is to get familiar with the technology used with the drone so here we are playing around with it. A few important things we learned during the tests in this video are that the tables and chairs interrupt the ultrasound signal the drone uses to track its altitude. Also we realized the wifi at CTC runs off the same GHz as our drone and that caused a few connection problems as well, of course the goal of testing is to find issues and it was a success to find these bugs.

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