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Introduction to C++ coding using Visual Studio. These videos are supplemental to direct instruction and hands-on practice.


Learn to create dynamic web pages, discussion forms, blogs, and other interactive web objects using PHP and mySQL. This videos are supplemental to classroom instruction and hands-on practice. Edit: As of Summer 2015, the database/sql videos are being redeveloped for mySQLi object oriented programming.


Learn to code HTML 5 with CSS 3. These videos are supplemental to classroom instruction and hands-on practice. While you can learn to code from them, they do not show the full power of HTML 5 & CSS 3. These videos use Aptana to develop the webpages, however you could also code in Eclipse using the Web Tools plugins and your screen would look the same. Also see

2022-2023 NASA HUNCH Asteroid Dust Simluator

Piggybacking on last year's research, this year's team came up with a great VR simulation

2022 Congressional App Challenge Video

Class of 2022 students worked with Media and Video Production to develop a promo for their NASA H.U.N.C.H. project

Year 4 NASA Project - Dust Dispersion in Microgravity

Class of 2022's NASA H.U.N.C.H. Presentation on their project of dust dispersion in microgravity. While the simulation wasn't quite completed, the research was impressive, and earned them top 3 nationally.

NASA Year 4 Trip to NASA

Class of 2022's NASA trip to present and turn over prototype.

Year 3 NASA H.U.N.C.H. Artificial Gravity Wing on the ISS

Due to COVID, this year's team worked on an artificial gravity AR/VR for the International Space Station (ISS). They made a lot of interesting discoveries including the need to curve major furniture, and placement of ladder/treadmills to avoid neck/back strain from trying to work at an angle to the actual rotation.

NASA H.U.N.C.H. Lunar Supply Module Simulation

Year 2 (Class of 2020) NASA H.U.N.C.H. students started working on Mission to Mars, developing a scenario to calculate where a lunar supply module might land if deployed from a Space-X style rocket to the moon habitat. Required a lot of physics programming, and students were selected as top 3 nationally.

NASA H.U.N.C.H. Personalized Mission Reminder Tool

Year 1 (Class of 2019) of NASA Hunch project that had students selected top 3 nationally in software prototyping is a mobile app that calls down to NASA every week, picks up a JSON file, parses it, and then allows astronauts to schedule the missions identified in the file.

Harry Potter Clock

Using NFC technology, PHP, SQL, and other coding skills, students designed their version of a "Harry Potter" clock which can identify where the 2018 students are at any point and time, and even shout it out via Alexa

Social Engineering: Hacking a company using a JavaScript Pop-up box

DEFCON conference live hack (with company permission) demonstrating the most vulnerable piece in a company network - the people.

Social Engineering: Hacking a cell phone account

Learn how easily a support technician can be tricked into changing information on someone's account by social engineering

HTML 7 - SEO and Refactoring for Mobile

Tips and tricks for Search Engine Optimization and redesigning to fit any size device, including mobile. Introduces media queries


HTML 6 - Tables

Tables in HTML 5 are easy to do, and this video shows you how. Be cautious in using them in responsive, mobile layouts


HTML Lesson 5 - Box Model, Positioning and Images

Learn about how each item on your page is a building block, and how those blocks can be adjusted and positioned to style your page. Video includes inserting images and a simple 2 column layout design.


HTML Lesson 4 - Introduction to colors and styles

This video briefly covers color theory, then using inline and internal style commands to change color. It introduces the structure of inline and embedded selectors, including sibling and parent-child arrangements. **To create an EXTERNAL stylesheet for your entire site, take all the codes inside your <style> tags, and paste them into a new text file, with the suffix of .css instead of .html. Do not include the <style></style> tags. Connect the stylesheet to your webpage using a <link> tag. That's it.. one file controls your entire website!**


Html Lesson 3 - Basic Content

In this video, you will learn to add headings, lists, and horizontal rules (lines) to a web page. It's still not pretty, as we're working on structure.


HTML Lesson 2 - Basic Structure

This episode introduces a basic structure for web sites. Not every website is identical in structure or nature, but this gives you the basics of beginning to plan the structure of your web site.


HTML Lesson 1 - Using Aptana

This video covers workspace, projects, and shortcut keys. Aptana Studio is a free software for coding web pages. It is very similar to Eclipse if you have experience with Eclipse.


I Love IT

Great video highlighting Information Technology


Life Before Google

Ever wonder where people got their answers before Google, and basically before the Internet? Here's a news report from 1993 which explains it!


Introduction to Boolean Logic

Learn how Boolean logic is used to create complex criteria with multiple expressions using AND, OR, NOT, and XOR

CW students making Kinect sing

Students have programmed a Kinect to register skeletal movement of the body and play sound based upon that movement

Game Programming student's create company

A group of students at the CTC create their own game development company!

MLA Formatting with MS Word

Learn to use MS Word to generate a Works Cited from your research sources


PHP 17 - Constructing queries and web pages with mySQL

Learn to combine PHP concepts such as string substitution and control structures to perform CRUD on a database THIS VIDEO IS DEPRECATED AS CURRENTLY STUDENTS ARE LEARNING mySQLi.



PHP 15 - Connecting to a Database

Learn to create a file that will always connect to your database without interrupting the flow of your site THIS VIDEO IS DEPRECATED AS STUDENTS ARE CURRENTLY LEARNING mySQLI

PHP 14 - Planning a Database

Learn the process of planning a new database.

PHP 13 - For and Foreach

learn how to loop through a chunk of data, an array of data, and to skip over records while looping, as well as how to break out of a loop

PHP 12 - While Statements

Learn to code repeating blocks using a While statements

PHP 11 - Functions

Create user-defined blocks of code that are reusable an infinite number of times

PHP 10 - Switch Statements

Learn to make decisions on multiple types of values such as deciding which treasure was dropped in a game

PHP 09 - If Statements

Introduction to decision making with PHP IF statements

PHP 08 - Constants and Booleans

Learn how constants differ from variables and how booleans can be used to say yes / no

PHP 07 - Arrays

Learn how to use arrays, view contents, and when arrays are useful

HTML 12 - Forms

Learn how to create forms to accept information from users. These are NOT active forms until scripting is added to them. This knowledge is PREREQUISITE for PHP

PHP 06 - Intro to Forms Processing

Basic introduction to accepting user input, and processing based upon if the user entered data on the form or not. PER-REQUISITE KNOWLEDGE: HTML Forms

PHP 05 - Numbers and Math

Learn the various mathematical operators, and some math functions for equation processing

PHP 04 Working with Strings

Learn how to manipulate string data using PHP functions for clean user input, locating information, and securing with hash encryption

PHP 03 - Working with Data (Introduction)

Learn the basics of setting up variables, typing identifiers, and using concatenation

PHP 02 - Output

Learn how to output literal strings, concatenation them, and build a basic PHP output

PHP 01 - Intro

Learn what PHP is, it's history, and how to install and setup the XAMP package to prepare your PC for PHP use.